Handwoven Rwandan Sweetgrass Coil Basket Trio

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This set of 3 handwoven Rwandan sweetgrass multicolor coil basket trio is an incredibly special and unique set to add to your collection. They are handmade by women artisans in Rwanda Africa. The women grow their own sisal plants, extract the fibers, then hand - dye and weave them into these outstanding, beautiful vibrant works of art. The sisal fibers are woven around sweetgrass, a fragrant local abundant local grass.

The trio of 3 handwoven baskets are beautiful as a grouping together, or on their own on any table top or shelf area. They each have an attached loop on the reverse underside for easy wall hanging. They can be installed on the wall as a group of 3, or combined with other works of art to create a beautiful dimensional wall collage.

Our sweetgrass multicolor coil baskets are hand selected in Africa and curated into this trio set of 3, each complimenting one another. They are in excellent new condition.